Amazing Facts

Frozen Lobsters Can

   Frozen Lobsters Can Come Back To Life When Thawed.

Cockroaches Can Live

Cockroaches Can Live Several Weeks With It’s Head Cut Off.

Sharks Can Detect

Sharks Can Detect One Part Of Blood In 100 Million Parts Of Water.

Women Say 7000 Words Per Day

 On Average, Women Say 7000 Words Per Day, Men Manage Just Over 2000 Words.

Human Drinks 16,000 Gallons Of Water

   On Average, Human Drinks About 16,000 Gallons Of Water In A Life Time.

Women Heartbeat Is Faster Than,,,

A Woman Average Heartbeat Is Faster Than A Man’s Heart By About 8 Beats A Minutes.

Our Brains Have The Ability To,,

   The Human Brain Can Read Up To 1000 Words peer minute.

The Winter Cold Improves

Cold Weather Helps To Improve The Human Memory And Concentration.

The Energy Exerted From Human Heart

 Every day, The Human Heart Creates Enough Energy That Can Drive A Truck For 20 Miles.

The Human Teeth Begins To:

The Human Teeth Starts Growing 6 Months Before We Were Born.