Brazil Highest records of 20,647 infections and 627 new confirmed deaths from the novel Coronavirus

The bodies of deceased people with the Corona virus were buried in a cemetery in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.
Brazil announced on Monday evening that 20,647 new cases and 627 new deaths from the Corona virus were reported in the country during the past day.
The Brazilian Ministry of Health reported, in a new statistic, that the number of Corona virus infections during the past 24 hours increased by 20,647 cases, bringing the total number to the level of 888271.
This number indicates a new rise in coronavirus infections in Brazil on a daily basis, and comes after it was registered in the country in the statistics of June 11, 30412 cases, and on June 12, 25982, and on June 13, 21704, and on June 14, 17110.
The Brazilian Ministry of Health stated that the death toll from the virus during the past day increased by 627 cases, bringing the total number to the level of 43,959.
The daily mortality index witnessed a slight increase after days of its decline, as it recorded in the country on June 11, 1239 cases, and on June 12, 909, June 13, 892, and June 14, 612.
Brazil is the second country in the world in terms of the number of recorded infections with the Coruna virus, and the second also in terms of deaths from the pandemic after the United States.
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who at the beginning of the epidemic reduced the risk of the virus, is facing increasing criticism inside the country for his handling of the pandemic, amid WHO concerns about the spread of the disease in Brazil and Latin America in general.
Source: Agencies Reuters  “RICARDO MORAES”

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