BBNaija 2018: Unmasking the face of Big Brother, what you don’t know

This year’s reality television show, Big Brother Naija 2018 has left many unanswered questions as it gradually winds down today (Sunday).
The show that started on January 20, 2018 with 20 housemates selected from different parts of the country will be coming to end today, Sunday, April 22, 2018.

Though DAILY POST cannot independently verify the criteria of selecting housemates of this edition, being a national programme, it is expected that housemates would have represented each of the regions at least.
Facts available to us show that only few states were represented in the show while many others were left out.
In this year’s event, while the south-east and southwest had the most representation, the core north was totally left out. DAILY POST cannot equally confirm whether it could be for religious reasons or not.

The audition said to have been conducted in the 6 geo-political zones of the country had no representatives from the North West and North East. Only North Central, considered not to be core North was represented in the person of Bito. DAILY POST understands that most housemates had come from Lagos and a few other states. But when contacted by DAILY POST, the President of the Arewa Consultative Youth Forum, Alhaji Yerima Shettima, gave his reasons.
Why Northerners Can’t Participate
Reacting, the President of the Arewa Consultative Youth Forum, Alhaji Yerima Shettima, told our correspondent that the absent of core Northerners in the show should not come to anyone as a surprise.
His words, “No Northerner would appreciate such a programme. No core northerner will participate in a programme like the Big Brother Naija because of the immoral act involved.
“The show is immoral and we do not participate in such. No responsible child of a northern benefactor will participate. Even the non Muslim, if they have proper upbringing, you cannot see them participating in the act of immorality.
“We have an identity, we have culture and our religion. We know how we look at life and how we go about it.

“Is it about the oral sex they are talking about or the irresponsibility? What is there to learn? It is totally out of place. It will be difficult for a northern to participate.
“I think big brother naija will have to do something better than they are doing now because I think a time will come that definitely a responsible government will come and do something about it.
“You will hardly see a core northerner participating because of their values and culture.”
Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, speaks
Also speaking about the moral standard of the reality show, The President of the youth wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, David Daniel Karza, is not in total agreement with Yerima.
Although, Karza agreed that contents of the TV programme and videos that people especially the youths “watch on television must be very significant in moulding their moral and spiritual lives,” he, however, maintained that, “Big Brother Naija reality show has done so well in showcasing some of our cultural heritage in Nigeria and has brought together youths across different ethnic/religious groups in Nigeria.”

He also said the show, “will definitely promote unity and open an opportunity to share good common values that can build a better understanding on how we can collectively coexist peacefully for the progress of our country and beyond.”
He noted that there are some aspects of the show that are immoral, therefore, calling on the youths to “use Colossians 3:5-7 to guide their activities in the Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show. This will promote Godliness and dignify the show which in turn will appeal to the conscience of all to keep watching and probably encourage their children to also register and participate.”
He also said Muslims should as well “participate to share with their counterparts their belief and practices in Islam and how it can necessitate modifications.
“After all, while some of these programmes cover the aforementioned as conceived by these talented Nigerians with great ideas.
“Government and stakeholders should compliment in harmonizing its intellectual development rather than retard it.
“We also need to give consideration to the notion of ‘watching Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show’, which is perhaps aimed at streaming her content qualitatively different for different targeted audience.”

Corruption, secrecy in BBNAIJA 2018
Some events in the ongoing show have eluded the viewers. Some viewers have wondered why Biggie keeps them away from things they ordinary should follow and make judgement on.

DAILY POST has monitored incidents where the housemates were called to the Diary Room on several occasions off camera.
Some viewers who spoke with our correspondent said last year’s show was more transparent. They also wondered how housemate like Nina, who they believed entered the show not knowing what to do with the money would have lasted till the final of the show.
Some have also asked why Cee-c is still in the house having broken the rules of the show. Ex-housemate, Gifty, while calling out Cee-c for hurling insults on Tobi, said the controversial housemate should have been disqualified.
In addition, Viewers believe Cee-c has done more than what Khloe and K-brule did that threw them out of the house in the third week of the show.
One of the housemates of the 2017 edition, who pleaded anonymity, told DAILY POST that there are things the organizers would not want viewers to know.
The ex-housemate also said that the organizers already know the winner of the grand prize even before the viewers started sending in their votes.
Recall that when ex-housemate, Angel was evicted, he told his interviewers that not everything that happens in the house is made public.
But when contacted to share his thoughts on this, a popular club owner in Abuja, and CEO, Yankee Entertainment, Mallam Yanky, said the reality show is all about making money.
Though Yanky agreed that not everything that happens in the show is aired to the public, he, however, added that such makes it the business it is.

According to him, the show is “an investment, and they need to make more money. So, if they are too transparent, they might not make the money.
“I want you to understand that whatever they have done is just for them to make money. That is whole idea in the first place. It is not a government organization so anything they do is just in line with them sustaining the program.”
Similarly, many are of the views that Big Brother Naija reality show of this year looks scripted. DAILY POST findings reveal that such may not be far from the truth. For instance, a contestant, Dee-One, had in May 2016 shared a picture with the Big Brother Naija captione, “Double Wahala” and that happened to be theme of this year’s show. This leaves many questions unanswered.
DAILY POST observed in the course of the programme how housemate, Cee-c, in more than one occasions, told fellow housemates what will happen in the house, which eventually came to pass.
For instance, she predicted that two evicted housemates would return to the house and on March 25, 2018, Anto and Khloe entered the house at 3am.
No one had the proof that Tobi, a housemate making the grand finale, actually resigned from Heritage Bank.
Tobi worked with Heritage bank before joining the reality show and the financial institution happens to be one of the main sponsors of the show.
Although a statement was released from the bank that Tobi resigned before joining the show, but no proofs were provided, leaving viewers to continue to search for the real face of the show.
Meanwhile, a reliable source told DAILY POST that during the audition, some of the housemates who made it to the DOUBLE WAHALA edition, lobbied some of the organizers in order to be listed. The source who wouldn’t want to be mentioned, said next year’s could be worse.
While interacting with fellow housemate, Cee-c had narrated how she met the show host, Ebuka Obi Uchendu and told him she would want to be among the housemates. Although she did not provide the details of their meeting, it appears that meeting paid off. Viewers, while reacting to the narrative believe Cee-c must have lobbied her way to the finals of the show. Similarly, a story at the early part of the show had it that some of the organizers sponsored their relatives and in-laws to the show. DAILY POST could not verify if this is true.

Negative Impact
The show is being seen in some quarters as having negative impact on the Nigerian youths. It has been enmeshed with scenes of flash nudity, sexual acts, a situation some Nigerians finds abusive to the moral values of our culture, but DAILY POST observed that the tasks and other challenges the competitors get involved on a weekly basis may useful to the watching audience, especially the youths. But maverick entertainer, Charlyboy has called for an outright ban of the show.

Ban reality show
Activist and maverick entertainer, Charles Oputa, popularly called Charlyboy told our correspondent that the show should be banned because due to its negative impact on Nigerian youths.
Charlyboy said, “If I had my way I would ban young people from watching that crap. With their present predicament, I don’t see how it adds value to their lives or their future.”
Hosting BBNaija outside Nigeria
On the hosting of the show in South Africa, it would be recalled that the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, had directed the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to investigate the circumstances surrounding the reported airing of the show from South Africa.
Mohammed, in a statement on January 23, 2017 had said the NBC should determine whether Multi-Choice, by shooting the show in South Africa, has breached the Nigerian Broadcasting Code in any way, as well as the issue of possible deceit, since the viewing public was never told that the event would be staged outside Nigeria.
Speaking with our correspondent, the Director Broadcast Monitoring of NBC, Dr Armstrong Idachaba said, the Corporation stands by Mohammed’s stance that the programme be aired in Nigeria.
He, however, noted that the broadcast law of Nigeria which allowed for the hosting of the show in South Africa is being reviewed and when done, “We will ensure that the programme be aired in Nigeria.”
Idachaba said, “Big Bother Naija is a programme that is run on the Multi-Choice bouquet and the National Broadcasting Corporation’s stands is enunciated by the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed that programmes targeted at Nigerians must have Nigerian ownership including production in our territory, which ideally should be the case. Knowing well that the programme was once hosted in Nigeria, we expected that organisers should leverage on the past.

“The Nigerian Broadcast law does not actually prevent the hosting of the show in South Africa but we are insisting that the law be aired in Nigeria. However, the law is still under review and when done we will ensure that the programme be aired Nigeria.”
Sexual activities on live Television
Despite enjoying large viewership among Nigerians, the reality show has been perceived in certain quarters as having negative impact on youths.
The show has been enmeshed with scenes of flash nudity, sexual acts, a situation some Nigerians finds abusive to the moral values of Nigerian culture.
Few weeks after the show started, two housemates, Miracle and Nina were caught severally having sex.
Also, evicted housemates, Bambam and Teddy A were also caught on camera having sex in the toilet.
Other housemates like, Tobi, Cee-C, Lolu, Anto and Alex were at one point or the other involved in immoral acts like kissing, touching and exposing sensitive body parts.
But the dominant questions are; what is the real face of Big Brother Naija? Is it to impact positively on the youths or targeted more at its commercial value? Is there an actual face to the show, or the organizers are merely manipulating the sensibility of the average Nigerian youth?
By Owen Nwachkwu, Nsika Nseyen, Seun Opejobi…
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