Author “Harry Potter” reveals that she was subjected to domestic violence and sexual abuse


comments on transgender people, which has sparked controversy

in its proper context. She wrote: “I have been in the limelight for more than twenty years, and I have never spoken publicly about myself being subjected to my husband’s violence and sexual assault. Not because I am ashamed of having been through these matters, but because talking about her again and remembering her is a shock. I am keen to protect my daughter from My first marriage. “

Rolling described her first marriage as “violent”, noting that she had difficulty getting out of it. She married again a Scottish doctor, Neil Murray, in 2001, and describes him as “a really good person.”
“I see the majority of people who say they are transgender do not pose any threat to others, they are in a fragile position, and they need protection and they deserve it,” Rolling wrote on Wednesday.
“I reveal my past because, like any human being on this earth, I have a complex past that defines my fears, my interests, and my opinions,” she added. She added that she spent several years considering sexual transformation issues, because of personal problems with the kind of social when she was young.
“When I read about the theory of gender identity, I remembered how I felt like I had no sex in my youth. Since I had no realistic possibility of becoming a man in the 1980s, books and music helped me on issues related to my mental health and sexual judgments that drive a lot of Girls to declare war on their teenage bodies. “
The 54-year-old writer confirmed that during a period she felt “a contradiction to being a woman, before realizing that it was good for a person to feel confused and gloomy, that he was a sexual and non-sexual being and questioned his actual identity.”
The novelist was accused of anti-transgender in a tweet published over the weekend. She had shared an article on “People with a Menstrual Period”, accompanied by a question about the most appropriate way to name these people, with the suggestion that these are exclusively women.
This sparked condemning comments from some Internet pioneers who told her that transgender men also had a menstrual cycle. It was also criticized by “Harry Potter” movie star Daniel Radcliffe, actress Emma Watson and Eddie Redmine.
Prior to the writer that has been accused of anti-transgender. In December, she expressed support for researcher Maya Forrester, who was dismissed from her work for posts deemed anti-transsexual about a government project allowing individuals to declare their gender.

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