An Ex- Guantánamo Detainee Arrested for Ties to Istanbul Airport Attack

Airat Vakhitov, a Tatar some time ago detained at the U.S. military office in Guantánamo Sound, Cuba, for binds to the Taliban, has been captured in Turkey regarding a month ago’s attack of Istanbul Atatürk Air terminal. 

Individuals from Vakhitov’s present jihadist amass, the Relationship of the Russian-Speaking Mujahedeen in Turkey, affirmed to Voice of America that he had been among the 30 individuals captured regarding the Istanbul assault. Salman Disjoin, a representative for the gathering, declared that Vakhitov had “never battled in Syria or Iraq, he was never part of IS [the Islamic State/ISIS], [and] he was included in compassionate exercises for the Syrian individuals.” 

Vakhitov was confined in Afghanistan in a Taliban assault in 2001 and put in two years in Guantánamo before being given to Russian powers, Turkey’s Hurriyet daily paper notes. The Islamic State in its present structure did not exist at the season of his capture; it was still a branch of al-Qaeda. Since his discharge, he has been working with asserted helpful gatherings subsequent to repudiating his Russian citizenship and professedly “looking for shelter in the Center East.” He has been a highlighted speaker at a Reprieve Global occasion, denouncing the practices at Guantánamo Straight as “torment” yet portraying them as milder strategies than those he encountered in Russian confinement. 

Voice of America states that Vakhitov had spent quite a bit of his late years in Istanbul, noticing that they couldn’t promptly discover data with respect to his present citizenship subsequent to disavowing his Russian character. 

A 2015 audit of previous Guantánamo Narrows detainees at Fox News portrayed Vakhitov as a Tajik national who had been “blamed for utilizing a nearby human rights bunch as spread for his exercises.” 

On June 28, three assailants accepted to be connected with the Islamic State raged Istanbul Atatürk air terminal, furnished with guns and suicide vests. The men shot into the group at the global terminal, yelling, “Allahu akbar” and exploded their vests, executing more than 40 individuals. 

Turkish powers distinguished the three jihadists as Russian, Uzbek, and Kyrgyz nationals, pointing the finger at “Caucasian” Islamists for the spread of Islamic State belief system and fear. No less than two of the assailants had Russian travel papers and are accepted to have prepared in neighboring Syria. 

Vakhitov is the most recent in a string of Guantánamo Cove detainees accepted to have come back to jihad. In February, Spanish powers declared that they had captured an anonymous previous Guantánamo prisoner in the domain of Ceuta, arranging terrorist acts in the nation with various different jihadists in the locale. 

Toward the end of last year, Ibrahim Al Qosi, an al-Qaeda subsidiary, showed up in a promulgation video for the terrorist bunch, debilitating the Unified States and urging Muslims to wage “war” against America. 

In Spring, Paul Lewis, a Pentagon extraordinary agent tasked with shutting the Guantánamo office, told the Place of Delegates that there is verification that Guantánamo alum have murdered Americans subsequent to being discharged. “What I can let you know is sadly there have been Americans that have kicked the bucket as a result of [Guantánamo] prisoners,” he conceded. “When anyone bites the dust, it is disaster and we don’t need anyone to kick the bucket since we exchange prisoners.” 

No less than one previous prisoner, Jihad Ahmed Dhiab, has disappeared; it is obscure whether he is right now seeking after inclusion in Islamic terrorist exercises by and by. Dhiab left Uruguay a month ago, professedly to go to Brazil. Brazilian powers have affirmed they have no record of him entering the nation, and his whereabouts are obscure. Dhiab has vanished a month prior to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, a prime focus for jihadist assaults.


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