A senior military officer gunned down in Somalia’s presidential palace

The vice president of the Somali presidential royal residence, Col. Abdi Abdulle – also called Qorgab – was killed by a presidential guard after a debate. The executioner got away and is being chased by the powers. 

Saturday’s occurrence occurred inside the presidential royal residence in the capital, Mogadishu. 

Shador Haji Mohamud, data chief of Somalia’s administration, affirmed to Anadolu Organization via telephone that Col. Qorgab was shot dead by a warrior. 

The rationale behind the shooting is not yet clear but rather another senior officer, who asked not be distinguished, told Anadolu Office the boss was murdered after a conflict with the trooper. 

Amid the question, Col. Qorgab requested that the protect be captured. Gunfire was heard not long after, the officer said. 

The castle has been at the scene of savagery some time recently. In 2014, aggressors having a place with the al-Shabaab revolt aggregate assaulted the vigorously protected working with bombs and suicide assailants, yet this is the primary occasion of an insider shooting.


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