A Brazillian mother sold her kids just to buy hard drugs

 A MOTHER in Brazil has been arrested by police after she allegedly sold EIGHT of her ten children in order to get money to buy drugs.

Marilza Medeiros da Conceicao, from Sao Pedro da Aldeia, Rio de Janeiro, was taken into custody on Tuesday for “promising or carrying out the delivery of a child to a third party, upon payment or reward.”

Local outlet Metropoles suggest that authorities only cottoned onto her horrific dealings after she exchanged her one and a half old daughter last April.

The baby was allegedly given to a family in the Saquarema, Região dos Lagos region for the equivalent of just £27.60.

After her arrest, the mother allegedly told authorities that she undertook the swap for drugs, which authorities described as “narcotics.”

As a result, Police have now opened an investigation into whether the woman could sold her other seven children.

Currently they are only aware of the whereabouts of one, who is living with their father.

Police chief Milton Siqueira Junior said: “The inquiry dates from April of last year. She sold her one-and-a-half-month-old daughter.

“The child was found at the time in Saquarema, Regiao dos Lagos (Lakes Region), and handed over to the Child Services to be taken care of.

“Now, she has 10 more children, but only one was with her, the other is with its father, and we are investigating if she also sold the others.”

42-year-old Elizangela da Silva Pacheco, who allegedly bought the child, is also facing punishment over the trade.

According to the judge, she will now have to carry out community service for six months.

She will also be made to pay three months’ minimum wages to a local charity which helps to educate children.


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