7 major reasons why we should avoid Pornography movies

 There are several reasons why a persons should not indulge his/herself in pornography movies.

 Below is the main reasons why we must abstain from porn movies ;

In Porn videos, the average size of the actor’s vital part is between 8 to 12 inches long but in real life, the average size is between 5 to 7 inches long. The actors are recruited because they have a larger than normal size and this must never be seen as the norm because only less than 5% of men world wide have a size longer than 7inches whilst the remaining 95% are between 5 to 7inches size when erect.
So this is a takeaway I want you to have that pornography consumption decreases self-esteem in men because they tend to compare themselves with the porn actors when it comes to penis size and even men with perfect size will always see themselves as inadequate because they just can’t help comparing their size with that of the freaks in the porn video. The simple truth is that a lady in the real life does not need an extra big penis size to enjoy real sex and several researches have proved that an average size is preferred by most ladies.
2. Most Women are not interested in the extreme acts you see in porn videos like aggressive, rough, Anal, gang s*x and several other types of sexual acts that are not realistic . The act of real sex in real life is that of connection, understanding , comfort ,pleasure without body twisting , true feelings happiness, fulfilment and lots more so you do not bring the act you see in porn to real sex in real life.
The instant turn on and readiness for sex and the longevity of the intimacy is totally unrealistic. The reality is that these actors are mostly on sex inducing products that give them the instant kick but in the real world it does not work that way all the time in fact most times people in the real world need a lot of time to get in the mood because in most cases, most people would have had a busy day and will need time to rest and get into the mood and sometimes many people are weighed down by so many factors that mitigate against having sexual urge hence the need to have a longer time to get into the mood. It is not also realistic for a sexual intimacy to go on and on as seen in porn but as i wrote earlier, these porn actors are induced in such a way that they can have instant attention and also go on for several minutes but in the real world, any intimacy that lasts between 3 to 6minutes is perfectly ok. This false representation as seen in the porn world is the reason why many ladies erroneously believe that their partners have sexual problems but this is not the case.
4. Pornography is basically performance oriented which means this actors have one primary goal which is to perform for the viewers whether they are in the mood or not and to impress the viewers because that is what they are paid to do. In real life, intimacy is never about performing to impress anyone but it is about connection , getting ready, being in the mood, enjoying the company of the person and it is about feelings which is subject to several factors hence intimacy must not be satisfying all the time and the two people involved must have an understanding in that regards.
5. Pornography create anxiety, Shame and sometimes depression as a result of an isolated life created by porn addition. Viewers tend to fantasize about an unrealistic act thereby drifting away from the reality of what intimacy stands for. The more you watch porn the more you get isolated from the world. Real sex is supposed to bring you to connect with a real person in a real-world that will most likely literally lead to real sexual relationship. Porn Sex in most cases lead to sexual dysfunction in men as a result of addiction to fantasy sex and for the ladies, it usually lead to lack of interest in any man that does not fit into the image of the actors in the porn scenes. Men in the real world ae not porn stars and you should not expect them to be.
6. Most Ladies in the porn videos are not what they seem: many men are usually carried away by the curves, boobs and booties they see in porn and they always expect to see same in the real world but this is not so. Most of the ladies in the porn videos have altered bodies just to make them more acceptable for the job. In the real world, guys must learn to accept ladies the way they are without having too much expectation or body shaming them.
Most ladies you see in the porn videos also use enhancing products to increase their libido and also reduce the pains they go through which is why they can indulge in sex with multiple men, appear to enjoy the extra large organs and take several positions effortlessly… But please that is not the way it is in real life so no man should expect a normal lady to do same acts as this may lead to unpleasant consequences.
7. Porn is fake and none of it is real .Most of the actress don’t want to be there and they hate what they do . Many of them when interviewed have expressed how disgusted and depressed thy feel after they put up a performance. So why use a fake life as a comparison to the real world.


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