101-Year-old Woman Breaks World Running Record: “I Will Do It Again When I Become 120years”

101-year-old Julia “ Hurricane ” Hawkins simply broke a world record –
and she is quite impassive about it.
By running in the National Senior Games in Birmingham,
Alabama on Saturday, the senior finished the 100-meter dash in 40.2 seconds,
which is six seconds not as much as the past world record for ladies more than
100 years of age.
She additionally turned into the most established lady to
contend in the USA
Track and Field Outdoors Masters Championships
“[I] missed my snooze for this,” she said coolly,
as indicated by USATF.
Hawkins is a widow with four kids, three grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.
Notwithstanding her age, Hawkins purportedly appreciates biking and gardening,
and running.
Truth be told, Hawkins says she just as of late took up
olympic style events due to her consistent movement outside, as indicated by
the Washington Post.

“I’m generally outside and the telephone dependably
rings, and I come running in is the means by which I knew I could run, i will
do it again in my 120” said Hawkins a month ago.


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